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We know from experience that if you’re in the business of waste management then you face many daily challenges and a huge amount of your time is spent on paperwork. We also know that some of your biggest challenges are:

We have worked with thousands of companies, just like yours to overcome these challenges. We use technology to travel less miles, reduce fuel and maintenance costs, so you know in REAL time exactly what every driver and job status is.  Sound like the solution you need?

waste industry fleet management

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The Organisation

The William Tracey Group is one of the UK’s leading recycling and resource management companies with a full range of environmental services. Established in 1948, the company fuses unparalleled industry experience with the latest technologies to deliver bespoke recycling and resource management services for each of its customers.

Delivering the highest level of customer service is as important today as it ever was. The company focuses on this throughout all levels of the organisation, priding itself on long-term partnerships, which add value to their customers business. For over 60 years the group has developed a reputation for providing bespoke, personalised solutions for customers recycling, waste and industrial service needs through innovation and creativity.

The range of services offered by the group is comprehensive and allows customers to have one service provider for all their recycling, waste and industrial services. This integrated approach benefits customers in terms of both time and money and is proven to be the most effective, efficient and sustainable approach to recycling and resource management.


The Challenge

The William Tracey Group has a strong 140 HGV fleet, and delivers an award winning service to its customers, however, running a fleet of this magnitude comes with a large fuel bill, and the challenge was to find a tracking system that would actively drive down fuel usage, by targeting idling, and driver behaviour, and in turn would assist parent company DCC Plc and the William Tracey Group to deliver its Carbon emission reduction targets, set by the Carbon Trust.

The Solution

Following consultation with Vtec, and a careful review of the William Tracey Groups requirements, it was recommended that the entire fleet be fitted with Link (tracking) with the addition of EcoPLUS and a digital tachograph interface. This solution delivers live visibility, driver performance and fuel monitoring functionality. The tacho-graph interface capability allows for a live feed on driver hours and provides a driver identification solution. The William Tracey Group also opted for a value added integration that included a tailored report that is built to detail productive versus unproductive idling. This is important as within their fleet they have groups of vehicles that carry out different roles, and because of this, specific measurements needed to be in place to ensure each vehicle within the fleet would meet the new fuel reduction targets as well as the carbon emissions targets, whilst taking into consideration the specific vehicle role.

The Conclusion

The system has allowed for the group to tackle critical business issues, save money, time and resources, as well as tackling a huge environmental challenge for the business. In the first month of installation alone they have seen an 8% saving on MPG, in one of their depots.

By investing in the latest tracking technology the William Tracey Group is achieving optimum emissions reductions and is continually striving to tackle climate change. Our WEBFLEET project, through its immediate impact on vehicle idle time reductions and driver behaviour, remains a crucial step towards achieving our 15% carbon intensity reduction target by 2015

Iain Lindsay, Linwood Operations Manager - The William Tracey Group