Boost Order Productivity & Workforce Effectiveness

  • Improve cash flow with faster invoicing
  • Reduce insurance costs with camera evidence
  • Respond to customer enquires faster and with better visibility
  • Go paperless reducing administration time and improving COVID safety standards
  • Look after driver wellbeing with data driven fleet insights


The net result? Happier customers, a more productive workforce and an improved bottom line

Choose your solution

Our core LCV packages have been carefully constructed with our expert partners to transform your LCV operation. This can range from a package that has everything you need to boost order productivity & workforce effectiveness to packages that will take it to the next level alongside our additional add-on packages.


The bigger the fleet, the more complex the fleet management can be.  With Fleetcheck you can easily identify and access key information about your fleet, from maintenance, to vehicle checks and identify defects and repairs on every vehicle.

Camera Integration

See your fleets driving events with high resolution Mantis 4G cameras. These cameras cleverly integrate with WEBFLEET to demonstrate driver behaviour on the roads.

Digital Forms

How long does it take your business to readily access information?  If a customer calls to check up on a delivery, how easy is it for you to find out and evidence that the delivery has taken place and you have a signature for that order?  Does this take up more time than it should in your business?

Job Scheduling

Do you rely on your vehicles being used efficiently and effectively in your organisation?  Do you sometimes find it challenging and time consuming to allocate your daily schedule of jobs to the right vehicles? FLEETiQ Jobs has been developed to automate your job allocation with your telematics system to save time and money and improve customer service. There are three key features of FLEETiQ Jobs:

  • Creating jobs from your clients.
  • Scheduling each job
  • CSV uploads if you have a larger number of jobs per day.

When you create a job you can pull address data directly from WEBFLEET, select a location from a map or input a new address.  This is then stored for future use, making life much easier.

The LCV Solutions Ecosystem

Connected by the WEBFLEET service platform, we work with specially selected partners to deliver the ultimate integrated solutions. Talk with us to learn more.

Our van solution helps you to

Improve cash flow with faster invoicing

Reduce insurance costs with camera evidence

Respond to customer enquiries more quickly and in real-time

Go paperless, both reducing administration and improving COVID safety standards

Complete more daily jobs with efficient workflow planning and order management

Reduce driver stress and look after wellbeing

The ‘Connected Van’ Guide

In this short guide, we aim to cut through the jargon to highlight how the latest ‘connected van’ technologies can help heal the four most common pain points for small to medium businesses operating vans.