Everything You Need for Your HGV Fleet

Your fleet is as unique as your business, and we know better than most the complexities involved in maximising your fleets potential.

If you are looking to ensure your fleet runs not just effectively but efficiently,  check out our short information videos below to give you a flavour of just what is possible.

Remote Tachograph Downloads

Real time information when you need it; daily, weekly, monthly analysis for the driver and vehicle, remaining driver time, and remaining driving distance to help with all your scheduling needs.

Remaining Driving Time & Distance

Know instantly how many hours each driver has left and see how far they can travel with the remaining hours.

Asset/Trailer Tracking

Never lose sight of your trailer assets. With LINK 340 technology, you will have updated positioning every five minutes and the details of the tractor unit your assets are pair with.

Power Take Off (PTO)

Don’t penalise drivers for idling, easily check if the PTO is in use on any vehicle in your fleet using your Webfleet account, and with the Link 740 device, easily identify when the PTO is on.


The bigger the fleet, the more complex the fleet management can be.  With Fleetcheck you can easily identify and access key information about your fleet, from maintenance, to vehicle checks and identify defects and repairs on every vehicle.

Camera Integration

See your fleets driving events with high resolution MANTIS cameras. These cameras cleverly integrate with Webfleet to demonstrate driver behaviour on the roads.

Transport Management Systems

One example of a partnership is with Stirling Solutions delivering seamless integrations, automation and security for your all your fleet’s needs.  Have easy, real time visibility of all jobs using this TMS software with Webfleet.

Gain Greater Insight

Expand your knowledge by integrating our Trailer Tracking solutions – LINK 340. All within the one, award-winning dashboard.

4 Key Pillars of Transport Success

European transport is a fast-moving sector with massive oppor­tun­ities and major challenges. To get the exclusive insights, download your free copy below!

Calculate Your Savings

Find out how much you could save with your free and detailed illustration for your fleet of cars, vans, trucks and coaches.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Robert Summers Transport Ltd are pleased to be associated with Vtec Solutions over the past year.
We have found their service invaluable in monitoring the driving conditions of our drivers and pleased that this information has shown a vast reduction in the number
of recorded events.
Their services have been greatly appreciated and we look forward to a long relationship with them.

Robert Summers Transport

The impact of engaging with Vtec was that we immediately established spare capacity and were able to look to reduce the fleet size.
This produced a significant early saving, which was also complemented by a contribution from the Insurance provider. The provider have backed the Vtec initiative as it is reducing insurance claims significantly and improving our drivers performance with the help and support offered by all the Vtec team.

John Weir, Inverarity Morton