Telematic solutions for the haulage industry

We know from experience that if you’re in the business of haulage then you face many daily challenges and a huge amount of your time is spent on paperwork. We also know that some of your biggest challenges are:

We have worked with thousands of companies, just like yours to overcome these challenges. We use technology to travel less miles, reduce fuel and maintenance costs, so you know in REAL time exactly what every driver and job status is.  Sound like the solution you need?

Webfleet Digital Tachograph manager for fleets

Prove your Compliance Easily

WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager makes it easy for both your truckers on the road and team in the office to remotely download, analyse and archive trip data.

Dynamic Scheduling for Haulage Companies

With REAL time information on all your drivers’ remaining driving times, you can optimise planning to ensure you use the maximum time for each driver, and improve your dispatching process.  This takes out any of the guess work.

The Best Driver Terminals For Your Truckers

Make life on the road easier for your truckers with the TomTom PRO 8275 TRUCK – the most versatile device in the industry. Features include:

  • Ruggedised and fully-customisable, with a 7” screen
  • Truck-specific navigation and TomTom Traffic
  • Digital workflow to suit your procedures
  • OptiDrive 360 support via FMS interface
  • Rear-view camera
  • NFC and RFID
  • Barcode scanning, digital signature capture and driver ID

Improve Driving Performance with OptiDrive 360

OptiDrive 360 gives your drivers real-time feedback and driving advice before, during and after their trips. Fleet managers can easily monitor driving performance in WEBFLEET using real-time dashboard and detailed reports.

Easily Monitor Fuel Levels

Connect to your truck’s FMS to detect fuel level anomalies, and check your drivers’ RPM and PTOs.

Gain Greater Insight

Expand your knowledge by integrating our Trailer Tracking solutions – all within the one, award-winning dashboard.

TomTom Link 340

Calculate Your Savings

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