Everything You Need for Your Coach Fleet

Your fleet is as unique as your business, and we know better than most the complexities involved in maximising your fleets potential.

If you are looking to ensure your fleet runs not just effectively but efficiently,  check out our short information videos below to give you a flavour of just what is possible.

Remote Tachograph Downloads

Real time information when you need it; daily, weekly, monthly analysis for driver and vehicle, remaining driver time, and remaining driving distance to help with all your scheduling needs.


Tachoshare, an initiative from Webfleet Solutions, continues to develop to meet client requirements and is now fully integrated with the UK market leader in tachograph software, Tachomaster. The Webfleet Solutions telematics unit will remotely download your tachograph data and feed this directly into your current analysis platform, reducing admin time and helping your fleet remain compliant.

This can also be particularly useful for Coach companies who have a mixture of digital and analogue tachographs. This means WEBFLEET can download the digital tachograph and feed into the same platform used for the analogue tachographs. 

Remaining Driving Time & Distance

Know instantly how many hours each driver has left and see how far they can travel with the remaining hours.


The bigger the fleet, the more complex the fleet management can be.  With FleetCheck you can easily identify and access key information about your fleet, from maintenance, to vehicle checks and identify defects and repairs on every vehicle.

Camera Integration

See your fleets driving events with high resolution Vision Track 3G cameras. These cameras cleverly integrate with WEBFLEET to demonstrate driver behaviour on the roads.