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Your Industry

No matter the size of your fleet, Vtec have the Solutions

The first thing we look at, is the type of industry and the type of vehicles you have in your fleet, we also look at your business requirements and what’s important to your business.

We then make recommendations on TomTom hardware and software, to ensure your fleet is meeting your business goals.

There are many ways to make your fleets more efficient and cost effective as well as ensuring legal compliance, and we work with you as a partner to improve your fleet performance and ultimately drive down fuel, insurance and administration costs on your business.

We have worked with fleets as small as five vehicles to deliver a 40% saving in fuel spend and fleets as large as 400 vehicles and delivered drastic cost savings, just by implementing simple changes, for example, driver behaviour.

We have the experience and you have the fleet – and working together we can drive change across your fleet and business.

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