Service Terms and Conditions

Installation/De-installation detail

Vtec Solutions take great care when an order is placed to ensure that all parts shipped for installation/de-installation are correct. It is essential that the customer provides us with correct and accurate information regarding the vehicle make, model, year of reg, any modifications to the vehicle that may have an effect on installation and a suitable confirmed installation/de-installation address with authorised access.  We must have this information not less than 2 working days before the agreed date and time of installation/de-installation.


Our installation booking time is largely dependent on traffic and travel times. If you are not the first installation/de-installation of the day please understand that any delay in arrival time will have been out of our control and we will not under any circumstances be liable for any vehicle down time or any other claimed losses of any description.

Any equipment facilitating the installation that has been shipped direct to the customer or customers agents must be immediately available at the location and at the agreed time.


Our engineer will check the vehicle before, and after the installation/de-installation, and may ask you to sign a completed job sheet. We advise the customer checks the vehicle with the engineer before and after the installation/de-installation, any faults or problems with the vehicle must be raised and discussed with the engineer before they leave the site.

We will not accept or be liable for any issues raised once the engineer has left the site. The customer or an authorised nominee must attend the vehicle with the engineer before the job, and again once the installation/de-installation is complete.

The project manager must be contactable by the engineer or our office at the time of installation/de-installation.

Please allow for an installation time, per vehicle, of 1 to 2 hours. In the case that a special antenna needs to be fitted or that vehicle modifications hinder then the installation/de-installation time may be extended.

We request that any radio codes for vehicle stereos be available on the day for our installer.

Cover needs to be available for installation in poor weather conditions.  If the engineer feels there is a high risk of water damage to the vehicle and decides to cancel due to there being no cover then it will be deemed and processed as a cancellation.

Our installations/de-installations are generally booked Monday – Friday. If your installations/de-installations are taking place on a Saturday or Sunday please be aware that our main office is not open on Saturday or Sunday.


In extremely rare circumstances that may be out of our control we reserve the right to cancel an installation/de-installation, or delivery. When circumstances out of our control dictate, we will not under any circumstances be liable for any vehicle down time or any other claimed losses of any description.


In the event of any of the above reasonable requests being breached ultimately causing a prolonged or cancelled installation/de-installation, or in the event of an engineer not being able to commence an installation/de-installation on time a charge will be levied against the installation purchaser.

Cancellation fee within 24hrs of booking time £50.00

Standing or extended labour time £45.00 per hour

Any congestion zone, toll or parking charges will be added to the cost of installation.

By purchasing an installation/de-installation from Vtec Solutions Limited you automatically agree to our terms and conditions.