Prove, Prevent & Protect

Driving for work remains one of the most dangerous activities employees undertake, reinforcing the need for businesses to take control of fleet risk. Accidents are stressful, costly and can impact your insurance premiums. Vtec can provide you with the tools you need to prove what happened and to protect your business

Drive Smarter, Driver Safer, Lower Premiums.

PRO i Driver Terminal

The PRO i device seamlessly integrates drivers into your fleet management process, combining all essential features in one compact device. Boost productivity and safety with real-time coaching and driver identification. Take immediate control, stay compliant and enhance driver engagement – all with a single, smart device.


Use the MANTIS camera solution to prove the fault of any collision and save on your insurance. By using MANTIS, with up to three cameras, you’ll have all the information you need to notify your Insurance Broker and make sure your driver is not to blame.

Quick & Convenient

  • Download footage remotely.
  • No manual SD card reformatting required.
  • Automatically uploads footage of driving events via a unique integration with Webfleet.

Best Connectivity

  • Remote access to footage via multi network 4G to provide the best coverage possible.

The Cost of Business Crisis: Insurance Dilemmas

Download your free copy below to learn the four smart moves to improve fleet safety and reduce insurance costs.