Proactive monitoring and reporting with Webfleet Trailer

Webfleet Trailer brings you actionable insights about the status of your trailer fleet so you can improve utilisation, save costs, boost efficiency and enhance safety. Powered by the durable LINK 350 and connected to all leading trailer EBS (Electronic Braking System) providers, Webfleet Trailer is the tool to help you make even better decisions for your trailer fleet.

Webfleet Trailer helps you

Boost Productivity

Improves trailer utilisation and limit empty runs.

Increase Uptime

Fix faults early, avoiding disruptions and breakdowns.

Cut Costs

Save on maintenance costs, extend trailer and tyre life.

Elevate Safety

Monitor trailer load and faulty systems, such as braking, stability, and tyre pressure.

Be Fuel Efficient

Optimise fuel economy and limited CO₂ emissions.

Improve Security

Stay connected with your trailers and cargo.

Key Features

Utilisation insights

See empty and loaded status by kilometre travelled and current axle weight to help optimise trailer usage and billing

Track and trace

Monitor trip details such as duration, distance, speed and standstill, in real time or over a chosen period. Trace view shows where trailers are with position updates every two minutes.

Proactive maintenance

Receive reminder alerts on pending maintenance tasks. Notifications will flag trailer system malfunctions.


View the coupling status of your trailers and vehicles with automatic coupling detection. Easily identify which trailer is connected¹.

Safety monitoring

Configure payload limits and receive alerts on overloading, rollover stability², harsh breaking and anti-lock braking events.

Security notifications

Get notified when a trailer leaves a defined area or when a movement is deteced.

24/7 tyre view

Access live and historical data for all TPMS-equipped trailers. Alarms warn of abnormal pressure of temperature³.

Durable trailer tracking device

Webfleet Trailer is powered by the LINK 350 device and connects to all leading trailer EBS systems.

Fully protected

Has the highest IP69K protection rating for fully dust-tight, waterproof hardware.

Maximised coverage

Comes with advanced mobile network connectivity.

Always connected

Operates ad tracks position even when not powered via rechargeable battery.

TPMS ready

Works with embedded TPMS receiver for tyre sensor connectivity.

How Webfleet Trailer Works

Tyre pressure and temperature data is collected from strap mounted sensors and sent to the LINK 350's embedded TMPS receiver. Data is then transferred to the Webfleet platform.


Find out how Webfleet Trailer can help you better utilise your trailer fleet.

¹ Requires vehicle trailer to be equipped with a LINK tracking device that is associated with the same account.

² Requires trailers to be equipped with RSS system.

³ TPMS for the trailer is an additional bookable service and requires the ordering of sensors.