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Trailer Tracking Delivered by WEBFLEET

Our new LINK 340 device allows trailers and other mobile assets to be tracked and traced, anywhere in the world, with full integration to our award-winning WEBFLEET system.


Data is fully integrated with all other vehicle tracking components of WEBFLEET – including the ability to identify which vehicles may be coupled to a trailer.

Rugged & Reliable

IP67 rated and includes a three-month battery to continue to provide daily updates on location, even when not connected to a power source.

Instant Notifications

Recieve instant notifications whenever your asset’s status is changed. Including entering or leaving defined areas or movement is detected.

Watch The LINK 340 in Action


Monitor assets and trailers 24/7

The rugged LINK 340 from WEBFLEET can be fitted to any mobile asset or trailer with a power source of 12V or 24V and can be optionally coupled to a primary vehicle for integrated tracking and management, reporting every five minutes.

When not coupled to a live power source, the device as a built-in battery allowing it to continue reporting its location daily.

TomTom Link 340


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Track and Monitor

View current positions, mileage and movement of your assets.
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Asset Utilisation Report

Get 24/7 access to reports regarding your assets.
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Instant Alerts

Get notified whenever your assets status is changed.
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Functions when disconnected from power

The internal battery of LINK 340 allows you to trace its position once per day.
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Maintenance Notification

Schedule and manage your assets’ maintenance tasks easily.
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Identify which asset is connected to which vehicle.

What you can look forward to when you are using the LINK 340 to track your mobile assets and trailers

Stay in control at all times

  • Notifies you when your asset is moved, deterring unauthorised usage and allowing you to react quickly to theft.
  • Minimises transportation risk from theft, loss or misplacement with clear visibility of your assets.

Reduce workload with automated asset management

  • Provides positions and automated reporting on the way your assets are used.
  • Tracks your assets alongside your fleet on one interface.
  • Improves accuracy and efficiency of rental billing or asset bookkeeping.

Save costs and maintain your assets’ value

  • Supports scheduled maintenance tasks to help avoid costly downtime.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Robert Summers Transport Ltd are pleased to be associated with Vtec Solutions over the past year.
We have found their service invaluable in monitoring the driving conditions of our drivers and pleased that this information has shown a vast reduction in the number
of recorded events.
Their services have been greatly appreciated and we look forward to a long relationship with them.

Robert Summers Transport

The impact of engaging with Vtec was that we immediately established spare capacity and were able to look to reduce the fleet size.
This produced a significant early saving, which was also complemented by a contribution from the Insurance provider. The provider have backed the Vtec initiative as it is reducing insurance claims significantly and improving our drivers performance with the help and support offered by all the Vtec team.

John Weir, Inverarity Morton

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