Tachograph Manager

Digital tachograph downloads & remaining driver time made simple

Legislation, compliance, driver’s hours, deadlines, all make for stressful and sometimes costly decisions being made in any business.

Manage your fleet easier with this remote digital download, Tachograph Manager which integrates with your WEBFLEET and delivers increased productivity, improved safety, whilst ensuring you meet national compliance requirements.

Using Tachograph Manager makes managing daily and weekly allowances for driver’s time easy, and you’ll even be alerted to any drivers who have gone over their driving hours with the three tiered alert system.

Webfleet Digital Tachograph manager for fleets

Tachograph Manager at a glance.

  • Download tachograph information anytime
  • Daily information on drivers remaining driver time
  • Weekly information on drivers remaining driving time
  • Driving infringements when they take place
  • Remote digital tachograph downloads
  • Schedule and automate your remote downloads
  • Save staff time with remote downloads
  • Improved insights
  • Data protection and back ups
  • Ensures your fleet is complaint at all times

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