FLEETiQ Job Scheduling

The easy way to allocate jobs

Do you rely on your vehicles being used efficiently and effectively in your organisation?  Do you sometimes find it challenging and time consuming to allocate your daily schedule of jobs to the right vehicles? FLEETiQ Jobs has been developed to automate your job allocation with your telematics system to save time and money and improve customer service. There are three key features of FLEETiQ Jobs:

  • Creating jobs from your clients.
  • Scheduling each job
  • CSV uploads if you have a larger number of jobs per day.

When you create a job you can pull address data directly from WEBFLEET, select a location from a map or input a new address.  This is then stored for future use, making life much easier.

Key Features

  • Click and drag jobs to make changes
  • Best route highlighted on a job map
  • Works in conjunction with your WEBFLEET Account
  • Drivers notified immediately of jobs and job changes in real time
  • Job can be sent to individuals or all at once.
  • Huge savings on administration time.
  • Add digital paperwork or signature capture to complete the job
  • Easily upload using API or CSV

Digital Forms

Speeding up paperwork and saving admin time

How long does it take your business to readily access information? If a customer calls to check up on a delivery, how easy is it for you to find out that the delivery has taken place? Do you have a signature for that order? Does this take up more time than it should in your business?

FormisticaDigital Forms which revolutionise fleet efficiency

Do you want to drastically reduce the paperwork cycle in your business? The average is 10 days to complete – and you can reduce this by using Vtec Solutions platform, Formistica. You can access real time information on anything you currently need a form in your business for.

Key Features

  • Completely paperless and real time data
  • Use your existing forms and brand the forms to your own business
  • Saves hours of wasted time filling and completing physical paperwork
  • Have your finger on the pulse and always know the status of your jobs in real time
  • Improve communications between ‘out in the field’ and ‘in the office’ staff

Calculate Your Savings

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