Combine Webfleet with a PRO Driver Terminal or with Webfleet Work app and get all the valuable information you need about your orders and drivers. Webfleet supports seamless commu­nic­ation with your team in the field and helps you to streamline your workflow management. The net result? Happier customers and more jobs done.

Job Scheduler

  • Create jobs
  • Assign to a vehicle or leave unassigned
  • Scheduler allows drag and drop to assign orders
  • Scheduler calculates travel time and job time to provide an accurate view of the current day
  • See updated job status

Plan Schedule/Optimisation

  • Create orders
  • Schedule the orders
  • Decide start and finish location
  • See Optimisation potential
  • Send orders

Send Orders

  • Send an order from Webfleet
  • Driver accepts the Job/Order
  • This sends the driver to the exact location shown on the map

Receive & Navigate

  • Drivers receive Job/Order
  • Accepts the Job/Order
  • Selects to Navigate to destination
  • TomTom Professional Mapping navigates for the driver

Order Status

  • Driver can update the status of the order
  • Status can be Accepted, Started, Arrived or Completed
  • Webfleet reflects the latest status update immediately


  • Driver accepts the Job/Order.
  • Navigation is activated and calculates an ETA
  • ETA shown on Webfleet including traffic conditions

Work App Messaging

  • Send messages to one or all drivers
  • View if the messages have been read on the device
  • Drivers can then return the message of create a new one

Document Sending

  • Two way document sending
  • Add up to 5 attachments, such as pictures or documents

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