Fleet Efficiency The Smart Way

Ever wondered just how efficient your fleet is and if you are wasting time and money on fuel and staff costs?  Introducing FLEETiQ, the revolutionary fleet auditing tool from Vtec Solutions.

We are not simply a supplier of telematics, we are a partner to your business and your Fleet Manager to ensure your fleet performance is optimal.

Fleet Performance Management

With a dedicated Fleet Performance Account Manager, you will stop wasting time and money across your fleet.  Just having a track and trace system in place, doesn’t save you these costs, understanding the data that you produce is the first steps to making huge savings across your business, and FLEETiQ delivers this and more.

Do you want to be like Jim from GEMS Engineering?  With FLEETiQ, and creating a Fleet Performance Partnership, this Managing Director reduced his fuel bill by a whopping 40% across his fleet. These are fuel savings not to be sniffed at.

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FLEETiQ at a Glance

Fleet Data Analytics

  • Vehicle Performance
  • Statistics
  • MPG’s
  • Optimisation
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Reduce Co2 emissions

Fleet Performance Improvement Process

  • Establish Baseline Performance Figures
  • Measure Baselines vs. Performance
  • Achieve Lower Insurance Premiums
  • Achieve an Insurance Low Claims Bonus
  • GAP Analysis for Risk Management

Project Management

  • Create a Fleet Focus Team
  • Establish Key Objectives for the Fleet
  • Co-create an Action Plan for Improvement
  • Utilise Fleet Intel Web Tool to manage performance

Driver Tool Box

  • Driving Policy Statement
  • Driver Handbook
  • Telematics Policy
  • Tool Box Talks
  • Vehicle Checks
  • Driver Risk Assessment

FLEETiQ Driver Register

  • Medical Records
  • Driving Performance
  • Driver Risk Assessments
  • Appraisals
  • Licence Checks
  • Maintenance Schedules

Fleet Strategy Architecture

  • Digital Workflow Solutions
  • Route Optimisation Software
  • Utilisation of existing fleet
  • Fuel Card Integration
  • Vehicle Purchasing Strategy
  • Insurance Strategy

The Outcomes

  • Roadmap for future development
  • Health & Safety Process Automation
  • Effectively Managed Risk
  • Structured implementation of Fleet Innovation & Productivity
  • Insurance Claim reduction
  • Increased employee involvement through Driver engagement

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