Electronic Proof of Delivery

An effective ePOD system that lowers your costs, increases efficiency, improves customer service and maximise ROI

Timely and accurate deliveries are key to ensuring optimal customer satisfaction. Our ePOD solution integrates with your WEBFLEET and helps your goods arrive with your customer on time and at an optimal cost, while ensuring optimal traceability due to fast and accurate registration.

Benefits to your Finance and Accounts team

  • Immediate proof of what goods have been received by your customers
  • Automated reconciliation of money collected at time of delivery
  • Creates invoices accurately first time for what was delivered/received
  • Reduces the need for credit notes to correct inaccurate invoices
  • Reduces debtor days
  • Time between delivery and invoicing is reduced so that invoices are paid faster
  • Access to reports from real time data for analysis
  • Real-time access to key operational information – no paper archives

Benefits to the end user (Drivers)

  • Automated data capture
  • Irrefutable record of what was delivered to the customer and what was collected
  • Reduces customer delivery disputes with printed or emailed proof of delivery including electronic capture of signature and photographs
  • Reduce office and administration queries
  • Real-time record of deliveries
  • Easy to view route schedule
  • Eliminates delivery paperwork, improving efficiency appearing more professional and organised to customers
  • Save time collating paperwork at the end of the day as all data is recorded and capture in real-time
ePod and woman

ePOD at a glance

  • Lightweight and easily concealed handheld device
  • Quick access to work schedule/manifest
  • Field-based staff have access to real-time customer data including order history and accurate pricing
  • Delivery/collection instructions available
  • Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD)
  • Signature Capture
  • Photographic evidence of delivery
  • Print or email delivery notes instantly
  • Track items in real-time
  • Ability to edit and update delivery detail allowing for variables
  • Ability to recall delivery notes
  • Integration with your office systems
  • Satellite navigation can be made available
  • Live delivery data available on key management reports

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