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camera integration technology WEBFLEET

What is

Camera Integration Delivered by WEBFLEET

Using technologies such as GPS, HD video and 3G connectivity, this forward facing camera provides a powerful and intuitive fleet tracking system. 3G telematics means you can view video together with information such as vehicle speed, location, impact force and driving style.

Protect Your Drivers

Give your drivers the confidence they need to know their surroundings are being recorded

Live-Stream Data

View the feeds from your fleet cameras in real-time from our online portal 24/7

Industry Leaders

WEBFLEET have proven themselves as industry leaders time and time again

Watch Camera Integration in Action

What You Can Look Forward To When Using WEBFLEET Camera Integration

  • Forward-Facing 3G Camera
  • Industry leading, integrated 3G vehicle camera
  • Protect your vehicles or drivers against false driving allegations and prevent increasing insurance premiums
  • Integrate your driver behaviour events in WEBFLEET with the relevant camera footage for complete visibility of events/incidents
  • Live HD quality video and review any incidents instantly
  • Gain first notification of loss (FNOL)
  • Enable risk management control on the roads with complete visibility over fleet operations
  • Integration with WEBFLEET plugins allows events / incidents to be uploaded automatically to the cloud for ease of access
  • Analyse unsafe driving and assess driver training needs
  • Allows users to be pro-active rather than reactive
  • All of the above will help protect the company’s image and brand with current vehicles on the road.
  • Remote monitoring and Reformatting of SD Cards within the camera without the need to return to base

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Robert Summers Transport Ltd are pleased to be associated with Vtec Solutions over the past year.
We have found their service invaluable in monitoring the driving conditions of our drivers and pleased that this information has shown a vast reduction in the number
of recorded events.
Their services have been greatly appreciated and we look forward to a long relationship with them.

Robert Summers Transport

The impact of engaging with Vtec was that we immediately established spare capacity and were able to look to reduce the fleet size.
This produced a significant early saving, which was also complemented by a contribution from the Insurance provider. The provider have backed the Vtec initiative as it is reducing insurance claims significantly and improving our drivers performance with the help and support offered by all the Vtec team.

John Weir, Inverarity Morton