Thank you for your attendance at Vtec’s EV Lounge on the 26th of June. Please find below a link to download the presentation.


As discussed on the day the Vtec Team, in particular our National Account Manager Lauren Moffat, are available to assist you with any decarbonisation requirements such as:

  • Information on TCFD and ZEV Mandate.
  • Webfleet reports on current carbon footprint.
  • Fleet Electrification Reporting to see if any of your vehicles are suitable for EV.
  • EV Transition tool on Webfleet.



Stage 1—Understand and Scope— VEV will provide a free benchmark to get you started with fleet electrification which will include.

  • Understand your trips.
  • Trip level breakdown of current activity
  • Charging is based on stop times and regular activity.
  • Overview of power requirements (high-level conversion from daily activity and total mileage)

This will provide a baseline understanding of how much power is needed to convert the fleet.

Stage 2 – Consultancy – Commercial terms would be agreed between both parties.

  • A trip-level understanding of the fleet, including weight and TMS data.
  • Manage the power demand and provide options to acquire power, including DNO (distribution network operator) requests.
  • Site plans and surveys
  • Total cost of ownership overview.
  • Dedicated support to manage each step of the process.

Thank you for attending the EV Lounge and we look forward to assisting you on your decarbonisation journey.