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23rd September 2019

What Are Your Trailers Worth To Your Business?

When it comes to protecting and monitoring your HGV fleet, we often find that the focus rests on the tractor units themselves. It makes a lot […]
17th September 2019

Case Study – Ian Craig Haulage

Greater fuel efficiency for Ian Craig Haulage We’re often asked about the results that we get for our clients by using TomTom Telematics and our WEBFLEET […]
16th August 2019

Case study: how you can transform your insurance profile

We know that good use of telematics can change a business’ fleet performance for the better. Equally, it can be hard for a business to imagine […]
14th February 2019

Seven fuel saving tips for business fleets

Our customers tell us that fuel costs are their second largest expense, with vehicle depreciation coming in first place.  When you make savings across a fleet, […]
4th February 2019

Compliance: Are your telematics helping you?

Fleet operation is heavily regulated and we know how time consuming compliance can be. Research has shown that around 13% of UK operators spend up to […]
7th January 2019

WTF*! – Let The Cloud Take The Slack

Automation You’ve probably heard a lot about cloud technology already.  If you think it sounds like some technological nightmare where your data floats around somewhere in […]
17th December 2018

WTF!* – Risk Register

Risk Register If the last blog made you cover your eyes or head towards a stiff drink, relax.  This bit is much less frightening. In fact, […]
10th December 2018

WTF!* – Personal Liability

You are unaware of Director Responsibilities Forgive us, this one could get scary if you’re not prepared.  Are you aware of the guidelines for health & […]
3rd December 2018

WTF!* – Strategy – Do you have one?

Have you been paying attention so far? Don’t worry, there’s not going to be a test. Hopefully you’ll already have learned that good leadership is essential […]