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3rd December 2018
Why telematics fail

WTF!* – Strategy – Do you have one?

Have you been paying attention so far? Don’t worry, there’s not going to be a test. Hopefully you’ll already have learned that good leadership is essential […]
26th November 2018
Why telematics fail

WTF!* Insurance Claims profile not what you hoped?

Should you be surprised as you have ignored the data! We know that one of the things that sold you on investing in telematics was hearing […]
19th November 2018
Why telematics fail

WTF!* – Leadership

Are you using your telematics system as a dot on the map? Download our free guide to find out why you need to lead from the […]
15th November 2018
Why telematics fail


*Why Telematics Fails You may be wasting time and money! If you’ve already purchased a “tracking” system at a considerable cost you’ll have heard all about […]
6th November 2018
insurance claims and fleet management

How Fleet Management Software Can Reduce Hassle in Insurance Claims

Let’s face it, insurance claims are a pain.  Even when you’re able to hand the negotiations over to your insurance company they take up time you […]
30th October 2018
Fleet Camera Systems

Why Fleet Camera Systems Are Not Overrated

We think that dashcams make an excellent investment on any fleet, but we know that some of you remain unconvinced.  You tell us that they’re a […]
23rd October 2018
Fleet Management Systems IntegratIion

Are Your Fleet Management Systems Integrated?

When you’re trying to manage your fleet in the most efficient way possible, it’s common to need to use different software products for different elements of […]
15th October 2018
How to Completely Change Driver Behaviour Using Fleet Management Software

How to Completely Change Driver Behaviour Using Fleet Management Software

Using fleet management software to monitor your employees can feel a bit intrusive. Your drivers could be forgiven for thinking that you’ve turned into Big Brother. […]
8th October 2018
compliance and telematics

5 habits of a successful fleet manager

Everyone has their own habits. Sometimes they serve you well.  If you’re in the habit of getting things done automatically, life runs much more smoothly.  However, […]