Unlock The Value of Fleet Tracking – What fleet management data can do for your company

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Unlock The Value of Fleet Tracking – What fleet management data can do for your company

Unlock The Value of Fleet Tracking

If you’re a fleet manager, improving efficiency is a vital part of your role. However sometimes it can feel as if you’re spending more time extracting the data than analysing it. You’re not alone. We’ve worked with businesses whose transport managers were spending most of their time transferring information from one place to another, just to get everyone on the road. Extracting information about vehicle or driver performance was equally time consuming.

The good news is that if you unlock the value of fleet tracking it can ease that burden. Depending on the type of software you choose, you can easily access a wide range of fleet management data. When the information is at your fingertips you can get on with improving efficiency. Here are just a few of the features that can help.

Monitoring your vehicles

Fleet tracking systems can tell you exactly where your vehicles are at any time of the day or night. That can help you to guide your drivers around heavy traffic or even recover a vehicle if it’s been stolen. You can get assistance to a driver quickly if they get into difficulties. It can also help with task planning. If your business offers an emergency call out service vehicle tracking can allow you to allocate a new job to the closest available employee.

This may feel a bit like ‘Big Brother’, but the data you receive can also make driver management easier. You can ensure that the vehicle is where it’s supposed to be. On the more advanced systems you can also tell how a vehicle is being driven. If your employees’ driving isn’t up to standard you can intervene early before it causes problems.

Accessing the information you need

Every business is unique. Although there may be some overlap in the information you need, your KPIs will not be the same as your competitors. We recommend TomTom’s WEBFLEET software to our customers as it has extensive reporting capabilities. It has ready-made reports but also offers customised versions so that you can access only the information you need.  All of the information is immediately accessible via desktop or app so you’re not tied to your desk. You can download the data whenever you choose or set it to run automatically.

Your vehicle tracking information is accessed via an easy to read map with symbols for different types of vehicle. That has enormous benefits for customer service as you can offer your clients a live delivery window. You can also keep them updated if there are any delays. Your customers are happy and their expectations are met.

Analysing the data

You need data to improve efficiency in your business. The data will give you a baseline for performance and will show you whether your efficiencies are working. Fleet tracking allows you to do this by giving you clear data regarding overall performance and individual vehicles. WEBFLEET also allows you to identify savings by tracing previous trips and comparing the data on everything from speed to the number of stops each vehicle makes.

It all combines to give you the right overview to help your business grow.

If you’d like to find out more about how fleet tracking can improve efficiency, get in touch.

Paul Cochrane
Paul Cochrane
Paul is the Managing Director of Vtec Solutions. He has expertise in vehicle tracking and fleet management, spanning over a decade and prides himself in understanding business fleet challenges and ensuring fleets are running at their optimum.