Transitioning to Electric Vehicles with Webfleet software

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28th April 2022
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11th July 2023

Transitioning to Electric Vehicles with Webfleet software

As the technology around Electric Vehicles evolves there is still hesitancy over making the jump from an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) to an EV (Electric Vehicle) for commercial fleets. This is mainly caused by issues such as range anxiety or battery charging cycles. However, Webfleet have been busy over the past couple of years providing a range of solutions that can help.

The current range of telematics units are already EV compatible meaning if a client changes to an EV there is no requirement to change telematics equipment meaning no additional cost. Webfleet also have a Fleet Electrification Report which looks at previous vehicle patterns and advises which vehicles could change to EV from ICE based upon factors such as previous mileage.

The Fleet Electrification report shows how many days a vehicles has exceeded the maximum daily distance that your proposed EV is capable of. If there are only a small number of days that it exceeds this mileage, then a company can potentially allocate these high mileage days to an ICE vehicle instead making the transition easier. It also highlights the savings on fuel and idle time that can be realised from changed to EV.

Once the transition is made to EV there are a range of Webfleet reports to help you manage the EV journey such as:

  • Charger Connection Report
  • Energy Consumption Report

You can also manage your range anxiety with the “Battery Level” and “Range” features contained within Webfleet.



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