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Traffic – How many days does your business lose?

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9th August 2017

Traffic – How many days does your business lose?

A new study has found that traffic congestion in the UK costs businesses a huge £767 million per annum.

What does that look in terms of real costs to your business?
You may have read our previous blogs, regarding Vtec’s FLEETiQ. One of the main and relevant areas of focus is in understanding how many business days you are losing in your business and rectifying it. For example by having live traffic information available to all drivers and operators.

This is an average across the UK of how many DAYS PER YEAR are lost PER VEHICLE. Are you one those companies?

Want to know more?

Check out our short informative video clip on Connected Navigation, as well as LiveTraffic which demonstrates how you would have the ability to communicate with your drivers by sending messages and orders which show live ETA’s for improved customer service.  If you’d like to book a further demonstration of how this could work for you, simply click here.

Paul Cochrane
Paul Cochrane
Paul is the Managing Director of Vtec Solutions. He has expertise in vehicle tracking and fleet management, spanning over a decade and prides himself in understanding business fleet challenges and ensuring fleets are running at their optimum.
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