The 7 “must have’s” of a driver terminal

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11th October 2021
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15th October 2021

The 7 “must have’s” of a driver terminal

It’s Webfleet Wednesday!

New features are constantly emerging for the driver’s telematics terminals. What are the 7 “must have’s” in 2021?

The following “must have’s” are what we hear as we travel the country (sometimes virtually) on what the key requirements are when a company looks to provide a driver with an in-cab device.  Have a read at our findings below:

1. Navigation

With TomTom best in class navigation your drivers never have to worry about finding a location again. There are a couple of ways that your driver can find a location:

  1. Insert the postcode or street of the destination.
  2. Search the extensive TomTom database for the company you are visiting and select navigate.
  3. Use WEBFLEET to send an order, with location coordinates, directly to the vehicle that the driver accepts and navigates to the destination.
  4. Link your Job Management system to WEBFLEET and send jobs via the API directly to the vehicle. This works in the same way as sending an order through WEBFLEET but has an additional automation.

2. Truck Navigation

By inputting the height, weight and dimensions of your vehicle the navigation will guide your vehicle only on routes it will physically fit. Leave the worries behind of striking a low bridge or being stuck on a narrow country road. The navigation will continually route the vehicle away from these danger zones.

3. Android Platform

Download apps for your drivers to use such as:

  1. Daily Walkaround checks.
  2. Insurance apps for First Notification of Loss.
  3. Digital forms for signature capture and/or photographs.
  4. Transport Management apps.

4. Two Way Communication 

Communicate directly with your driver by sending text messages. These can be read aloud by the device to avoid any health and safety issues.

5. Live Traffic

Using TomTom Live Traffic your driver can avoid any delays as the device will offer alternative routes to avoid traffic jams. The dynamic traffic data constantly updates based upon the changing situation ensuring your vehicle arrives at the earliest available time. ETA’s are shown on the device for the driver and also on the WEBFLEET platform.

Your transport team NEVER have to call the driver for an arrival time again!

6. Driver Scoring

In the top corner of the device, your driver can see a RAG (Red/Amber/Green) graphic showing driving performance. They can also access “OptiDrive” statistics based on key criteria such as Speeding, Driving Events, Fuel Consumption and Idle Time amongst others. Your driver can see that their driving performance meets the expectations of the company at all times.

your driver no longer has to wait until returning to bse to find out about driving performance. This provides continuous improvement of performance and bottom line.

7. Ruggedised

Devices are not always placed in cradles so they can be susceptible to being dropped. This is a particular concern in an HGV as the device can fall from quite a height. The device must always be ruggedised to avoid damage to the screen or the casing of the device.


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Webfleet Solutions, previously TomTom Telematics, have always had terrific in-cab driver terminals. The PRO 8475 (Truck or LCV) is the best yet. Watch the video below to see it in operation and click below if you would like to find out more.

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