Telematics as an enabler of fleet bio-resilience

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31st March 2020
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27th May 2020

Telematics as an enabler of fleet bio-resilience

3 reasons rout optimisation makes sense

Bioresilience – it’s a word that we might hear a lot more about in the months ahead. What does it mean?

It’s simply how to minimise biological threats to your team, your fleet, your business and of course, especially your customers. How can you plan to re-open your business as safely as possible when it’s increasingly clear that risks will remain for many months if not years?

As we all look at ways to re-emerge after this lockdown period it is perhaps time to reflect on the past few months but also to look at how we better prepare moving forward.  Telematics, and associated partner products, can help us become more aware of our new “normal” but also put strategies in place to get our businesses moving again as quickly as possible.  Here at Vtec we have assessed some of the options available that could help:

Vehicle Checks

Add fields for “Deep Cleaning” before a driver enters the vehicle each day to add an extra layer of protection.  Look at ways the vehicle can be regularly cleaned to significantly reduce the chances of infection.  Also adding fields for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) would also be good practice moving forward.  Any defects shown for these fields could stop the vehicle leaving until these are rectified.  One of the systems that would do this very well is Fleetcheck which is a Fleet Management software that includes vehicle checks and fleet maintenance.


As fewer service stations are open for Drivers then look to optimise routes to get deliveries done before the next Tachograph break.  Let “tech” make this task easier to reduce mileage and driving time.  Webfleet Solutions offer “Order Optimisation” as well as other partners who offer a comprehensive route optimisation package.

Connected Navigation

Send work schedules directly to the vehicle so that paper is not changing hands.  As paper can have multiple touch points then this connected approach increases safety and reduces risk.  The WEBFLEET platform has this as one of its core functions.

Proof of Delivery

Use hand held devices to take photographs of each recipient as an alternative to signature capture.  This reduces the number of people in contact with the hand held device and proves your organisation has a mature and effective policy on social distancing.  The Pro8375 from Webfleet Solutions offers this functionality and in conjunction with Partner software can store these securely for future use.

These are just a few suggestions that discuss how technology can help your business become agile again and meet the demands of the new “normal” as we re-emerge after Covid-19.