Tachoshare Integration with Tachomaster now LIVE

Tachoshare Integration with FTA Vision Software
18th June 2020
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4th October 2021

Tachoshare Integration with Tachomaster now LIVE

Tachoshare, an initiative from Webfleet Solutions, continues to develop to meet client requirements and is now fully integrated with the UK market leader tachograph software, Tachomaster. The Webfleet Solutions telematics unit will remotely download your tachograph data and feed this directly into your current analysis platform, reducing admin time and helping your fleet remain compliant.

Tachomaster from Road Tech now complements other Tachoshare integrations such as:

Tachomaster is one of the most popular analsysis products for tachograph software on the market. Tachomaster suits companies of all sizes, including single drivers looking to pay closer attention to their driving behaviour.


If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of remote download with Tachomaster, please leave your details in the form below or email info@vtecsolutions.co.uk