Remote Tachograph Downloads

Camera Integration
10th March 2020
Remaining Driving Time & Distance
17th March 2020

Remote Tachograph Downloads

Tachograph downloads from Webfleet Solutions


Do you know you can download your tachograph remotely using the Webfleet telematics unit without the need for an additional connected unit?  There are a couple of different ways this can happen:


Tachograph Manager

Downloads the driver card every 7 days and the vehicle every 28 days.


Tachograph Manager Plus

Downloads the driver card every day and the vehicle every 7 days.  This package also includes Remaining Driving Time which includes:

  • Remaining Driving Time today.
  • Remaining Driving Time this week.
  • Remaining Driving Time next week.
  • Next Break
  • Next Rest Period.

It also includes Remaining Driving Distance so that you can see how far your vehicle can travel with the remaining hours.


Last but not least is Tachoshare which downloads the Tachograph and feeds into analysis software such as FTA, RHA, Trutac, TDi, clockWatcher and Smart Analysis.


See the video below, have a browse and discover which one suits your business and get in touch.