Order Optimisation

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28th February 2020
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10th March 2020

Order Optimisation

Order optimisation from Webfleet Solutions has been designed to optimise routes and provide the most efficient sequence available.  Once orders are uploaded to WEBFLEET you can plan a schedule by selecting start/finish locations as well as a starting time.  At this stage WEBFLEET will show:


    • Fuel level of the vehicle.
    • Vehicle type.
    • Route planning options such as avoiding motorways or toll roads.
    • Optimisation method of acknowledging or ignoring planned arrival times.


WEBFLEET will then show “optimisation potential”. Simply click “Optimise” and then “Send”.  This will send all of the orders to the Navigation unit in the vehicle.


Further settings can be adjusted for each order type e.g.


                Service order                        60 minutes

                Delivery Order                      15 minutes

                Pick-Up Order                       10 minutes


The schedule summary will show you the total time the schedule should take including driving time and job duration.  It will also show the total mileage for the selected summary.

Keep control of your fleet with Order Optimisation from Webfleet Solutions.


See the video below, have a browse and contact.Vtec Solutions to discuss further.