Keep your fleet drivers stress-free with an EPOD system

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11th June 2018
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Keep your fleet drivers stress-free with an EPOD system

stress-free with an EPOD system

When you operate a fleet, efficiency is always at the front of your mind. Your strategic planning focuses on ensuring that deliveries are made at the lowest possible cost and that your invoices are despatched and paid as quickly as possible. But that’s not all. Every service has a human element that’s just as important. Stressed drivers make mistakes and that makes life difficult for everyone – you, your customers and your employees. Ultimately we all want to make sure that we look after our employees well.

In recent years we’ve all become more mindful of the impact that mental health issues can have in the workplace. So what can you do to help your employees reduce their stress? We could write a whole series of blogs about workplace stress, but here’s a practical idea to get you started. Invest in an EPOD system.

What does an EPOD system have to do with stress?

How do your deliveries go without electronic proof of delivery? We’ve worked with companies in the past who ran a paper based system, so we know the drill. You issue your drivers with paperwork for each delivery and they take it with them. Usually, a customer will sign the paper on receipt of the delivery and it goes back into the vehicle with the driver to the depot. That’s fine until the driver forgets to get a signature, can’t find the right bit of paper or it goes missing after the delivery is complete. Studies have shown that clutter is stressful so reducing the amount of paperwork that piles up on your drivers’ dashboards can only be a good thing.

That’s before you factor in the levels of stress that can occur when something goes wrong.

Helping with traceability

An EPOD system can help you by giving an electronic trace that proves a delivery was made. If a customer makes a complaint or refuses to pay, saying that they didn’t receive their goods, you have an immediate solution. You can simply look it up electronically. No more prolonged searching through paperwork. It also reduces stress on your drivers because they don’t have to worry about being disciplined because a bit of paper went astray.

You have immediate proof of what’s been delivered and invoiced for.

Our solution

Our proof of delivery software helps you to reduce driver stress. They benefit from a reduction in the amount of paperwork they have to deal with, both during deliveries and in reconciling paperwork at the end of the day when they just want to get home. An EPOD system can also play a part in increasing customer satisfaction. That means that your drivers’ day to day interactions with your customers could be much more pleasant.

Our clients have told us that it’s benefitted their business by allowing them to reduce overheads in terms of time. They’ve also found that their drivers are less stressed and more productive overall.

If you’d like to find out how our EPOD systems could benefit your business and reduce driver stress, get in touch.

Paul Cochrane
Paul Cochrane
Paul is the Managing Director of Vtec Solutions. He has expertise in vehicle tracking and fleet management, spanning over a decade and prides himself in understanding business fleet challenges and ensuring fleets are running at their optimum.