Joining up all your Fleet information!

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10th November 2021
Connected Cameras for Aggregates & Concrete Vehicles
15th November 2021

Joining up all your Fleet information!

It’s FleetCheck Friday!

Joining up all your Fleet information

“The Non-integrated fleet management platform in the Fleet world is a bit like a typewriter in a world of computers, or a telegraph in a world of telephones.”



Some Fleet Management solutions are not using integration pathways, so the workflows of your employees are affected by these solutions inability to communicate. This can lead to double entries, time wasted on transfers between various systems, missing information, and problematic data transfer. The solution to this problem is integration.



Imagine a Fleet Manager with a data model of everything within his Fleet. Imagine that this data was flowing into and out of every relevant system at every relevant moment. It would reduce waste and increase efficiency. It would open them to unprecedented levels of insight and control. It would also allow the Fleet Manager to spot opportunities and move ahead of their competitors, identifying cost savings and efficiency gains, finding ways to streamline business processes making smarter decisions faster.

Joining up all your fleet information, connect all your pieces of information together to make it one single comprehensive view. This will allow you to report on the performance of your fleet and maintain compliance with various standards more effectively. It’s one thing to track your assets and manage maintenance. It’s quite another to pull your performance, safety, and risk together into a cohesive strategy that’s aligned with organisational goals and objectives. The good news is that by connecting the dots, you can deliver better value from your fleet.


Join it all up with FleetCheck

Save time by linking your FleetCheck account to automatically input data from a multitude of third-party systems, including:

  • Fuel cards & Fuel bunkering systems
  • Vehicle Telematics (Webfleet Solutions)
  • Driver License Checking
  • Vehicle licensing and finance information
  • Accident management information
  • Driver training
  • Tachograph data
  • Maintenance data
  • Driver walk-around checks and safety inspections



With over 300 data streams supported, it’s easy to connect all your information sources resulting in a high comprehensive, accurate view of your fleet. Reporting becomes much more insightful. You’ll save valuable time through a reduction in duplicated work and most importantly, maintain compliance the aim of Connected Fleets is to bring the power of Connected Fleet Management together as one platform.



All the information you need at your fingertips

  • Over 600 reports at your disposal for ad hoc or scheduled delivery.
  • Wide range of cost analysis tools including MPG, PPM and whole of life of vehicle costs.
  • Access and manage all the legally required company policy documentation and drivers’ handbook.
  • Document storage connected to driver or vehicle.


  • Save time by streamlining fleet data.
  • Control costs by having transparent fleet spend.
  • Peace of mind by knowing you have everything covered.
  • Connected systems that communicate with each other.


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