Case Study – Ian Craig Haulage

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Case Study – Ian Craig Haulage

Ian Craig - Case Study, Fuel saving

Greater fuel efficiency for Ian Craig Haulage

We’re often asked about the results that we get for our clients by using TomTom Telematics and our WEBFLEET fleet management software. It’s easy for us to say that we get impressive results across the board. We started working with Ian Craig Haulage in May 2018 and the results that they’ve achieved were typical of the kind of fleet efficiency improvements we’ve been able to make over the years. We’re delighted to be able to tell you about them.

The business and our solution

Ian Craig Haulage specialise in brick and block haulage for the construction industry. They had been using onboard tracking across their 75 vehicle fleet for some time but wanted to start monitoring the efficiency and safety of their employees’ driving style out on the road.

‘Although we’d been using basic onboard tracking from our vehicle supplier for over 10 years, we wanted a more sophisticated solution which also gave us vehicle and driver behaviour data in the same system,’ explains Director Colin Craig.

After meeting with the business, we installed WEBFLEET’s OptiDrive 360 functionality which offered the kind of tracking that they were looking for. As part of the service, we left weekly reports in the main drivers’ reception to allow them to check on their current OptiDrive score and how they compare with others. ‘It’s created a bit of friendly rivalry between the drivers as they try to beat each other and has made everyone much more aware of how they are driving,’ said Craig.

The results

Since the technology was installed in May 2018 Ian Craig Haulage has improved mpg by 10 per cent using TomTom Telematics’ WEBFLEET fleet management solution. They’ve also seen a significant reduction in their fleet admin time.

Colin Craig commented; ‘By reducing incidents such as harsh braking, sharp cornering or speeding, we’ve managed to push our mpg up by 10 per cent. That translates into big savings across the whole fleet in both fuel costs and CO2. We’re now looking to introduce a fair way of rewarding drivers who improve on their OptiDrive score which reflects different work and payloads.’

As well as reducing their overall admin time, WEBFLEET’S integral Tachograph Manager is also making compliance much easier for the haulier. The system offers automated downloads of driver card and vehicle unit data which makes data collection much quicker and easier. It has allowed them to spend time on analysis and compliance rather than on simple data collection.

‘As we can now remotely download all the data from the office, it takes away the responsibility from the driver, meaning that downloads are never missed,’ adds Craig. ‘It also saves our drivers considerable time through less administration and by eliminating the need to return to the depot.’

‘The ability to quickly check on our drivers’ daily remaining driving time has also proved invaluable, as we can see instantly if each driver has enough driving time left to do the next delivery job, as well as when his next break should be and when the shift ends.’

Paul Cochrane of Vtec Solutions, added: ‘This is another excellent example of how WEBFLEET provides everything a haulier needs for fuel efficiency, dynamic dispatching and regulation compliance.’

To find out more about how using WEBFLEET can improve your fleet efficiency, get in touch.