Camera Integration

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3rd March 2020
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13th March 2020

Camera Integration

WEBFLEET & Visiontrack Integration


In the past camera systems have tried to play a duel role of telematics and camera footage but never quite achieved the levels required.  Now that has all changed through an integration between Webfleet Solutions and Visiontrack cameras.

Now when the telematics unit records a driving event it automatically, through an API link, “calls” the Visiontrack system to retrieve the footage and store it on WEBFLEET.  This means that any medium to high scoring driving event is stored without the need to manually request this.

Even better than this the Visiontrack system also records every 10 seconds and stores it on the FNOL platform.  As not all collisions create a driving event this means that all footage is immediately available particularly for insurance purposes.

See the video below, have a browse and contact.Vtec Solutions to discuss further.