Does Admin Get in the Way of Managing Your Fleet Effectively?

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Does Admin Get in the Way of Managing Your Fleet Effectively?

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Process Improvement

Fleet Efficiency Slowed Down by Admin

When new clients get in touch we usually find that they are already taking a sensible and systematic approach to fleet management. They have processes in place to schedule jobs across the fleet and to ensure everything operates smoothly. You probably take the same approach.

We met with a client recently, who was already working in that systematic and organised way. Despite that, we were able to identify many stages and steps within their processes that were actually slowing the business down and costing them valuable time and money.

Overrun With Admin

The admin involved in scheduling which job was going to which vehicle every day, and where each vehicle was going, was an absolute monster.  The client used Microsoft Dynamic to schedule their tasks but the Transport Manager was then cutting and pasting the planned tasks into their Outlook calendar and then again into TomTom WEBFLEET.

This level of admin was taking up huge amounts of the Transport Manager’s valuable time. The tasks were keeping him from the most important parts of his role; meeting his KPI’s, evaluating performance and improving the performance of the fleet.

Losing Money

Every day, drivers would return from deliveries with paperwork missing, delayed or simply unreadable. This caused delays in invoicing and payment that cost them both time and money.

An audit of the business discovered that the business was unable to invoice approximately £1,000 worth of completed work every week due to missing or delayed paperwork.

Our Solution

So, what was the answer?  For them, it was to simplify and integrate their processes by using the FLEETiQ job scheduler. To prevent the Transport Manager from being overrun with admin every day, we created an API link between Dynamic and the FLEETiQ Job Scheduler, which allowed jobs to be sent in real time and shared electronically to WEBFLEET without the need to cut and paste.

Connected fleet navigation

Process Improvement

What were the benefits? We’ll let the client tell you themselves:

“Much more flexibility when scheduling and allocating jobs, it’s just much easier to use”

“Our cash flow has improved, with a record number of jobs being invoiced same day as delivery and digital signature are instant information and all the paper work is digital”

“Improved relationships with drivers, who have been just as frustrated with the process”

“I can now get on with being a Transport Manager, and improving the overall fleet performance now the burden of administration has been removed.”

Save Time and Money with Vtec Solutions

With the help of the correct software package provided by Vtec Solutions, we can help your business save valuable time, money and resources. Get in touch with us today to discuss your free, no obligation demonstration.


Paul Cochrane
Paul Cochrane
Paul is the Managing Director of Vtec Solutions. He has expertise in vehicle tracking and fleet management, spanning over a decade and prides himself in understanding business fleet challenges and ensuring fleets are running at their optimum.