5 Key Benefits of Job Scheduling With a Telematics System

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29th May 2018
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5 Key Benefits of Job Scheduling With a Telematics System

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How much time do you spend scheduling deliveries and allocating them to the right vehicles? There is lots of software out there that allows you to schedule deliveries, but it doesn’t always integrate automatically with your TomTom WebFleet telematics system.

We’ve discovered that many of our clients were wasting valuable hours allocating jobs individually and then having to transfer them across to WebFleet telematics to provide their drivers with the information they needed. It was a massive drain on their time. We think that transport managers should be spending their time improving fleet efficiency, not on administrative tasks. We developed FLEETiQ job scheduling to enable fleet managers to automate tasks and ensure that every delivery is carried out in the most efficient way.

Here are our top 5 benefits of using a telematics system for job scheduling.

Telematics save you time

A good telematics system allows for job automation, which means you don’t have to do everything yourself.  When you create a new job you can pull customer data straight from TomTom WebFleet and upload deliveries straight to vehicles rather than doing it manually. For regular deliveries you can also save customer information so it’s immediately accessible. If you have a large number of deliveries you can upload them in bulk via API or CSV upload.

Job automation means more efficient scheduling

When you use a job scheduling tool deliveries will be allocated to make the best use of your drivers’ time. The software will automatically provide you with an optimised route to ensure that deliveries are completed in the shortest possible time. That means that your drivers can maximise the number of deliveries they make while still taking proper rest breaks.

Your vehicles will be used more efficiently

Optimised routes and efficient scheduling aren’t just good for your time management. They can also help to reduce your overall fleet spend. Your telematics system devises optimised routes that can reduce your overall fuel cost. Efficient job scheduling also helps you to reduce overall wear and tear on your vehicles, reducing your maintenance costs.

Better customer service

Efficient job automation via a telematics system allows you to allocate deliveries and track them in real time. That means that you can give your customers more information about when their delivery will arrive. If the delivery is time sensitive you can allocate tasks in a way that ensures it arrives exactly when it’s needed. That means more happy customers.

FLEETiQ works with your existing systems

We found that a lot of our customers were spending time effectively cutting and pasting delivery data from one system into another. That was only necessary because the systems they were using didn’t communicate with each other. We designed FLEETiQ to be compatible with TomTom WebFleet so that information can be shared quickly and easily. You can extract the customer information you need straight from WebFleet into FLEETiQ and your optimised deliveries can be uploaded immediately, saving you time.

If you’d like more advice on how job scheduling with a telematics system could benefit your business, get in touch!