FLEETiQ Solutions Advisor

Webfleet Solutions – the new name for TomTom Telematics
7th October 2019
Ultra Low Cost Packages
28th February 2020

FLEETiQ Solutions Advisor

At Vtec we recognise that picking the correct telematics solution can sometimes be difficult. Telematics can play a significant role in improving fleet productivity. However, merely investing in telematics is no guarantee of achieving results. There is too much evidence of frustration that investment in telematics has not led to budgeted improvements.

Telematics investment delivers only the potential for improved fleet performance. Don’t waste your time and money if you are not going to use the data to improve your fleet performance and ultimately your business results. What return on investment do you think you got from the last system you purchased?

To help you pick the correct solutions we have introduced the FLEETiQ Solutions Advisor. In three simple steps you can select the system that would work for you and find out how much it would save you.

  • Pick what is important to you for your fleet.
  • Select fleet size and annual mileage per vehicle.
  • Calculate savings.

The FLEETiQ Solutions Advisor will recommend the correct equipment for you, showing totals for costs and savings.


See video below and decide which one suits your business and get in touch.