Daily vehicle inspections in one mobile app

WEBFLEET Vehicle Check digitises your drivers’ day-to-day vehicle inspections. The vehicle check mobile app minimises paperwork and streamlines the compliance process, meaning you can act quickly to resolve vehicles defects for safer operating conditions.

WEBFLEET Vehicle Check helps you

Digitise the inspections and maintenance process

React fast with real-time reporting of vehicle defects

Increase road safety and vehicle uptime

Comply with safety regulations

Save time retrieving reports for roadside inspections

Get an actionable overview in one interface

Vehicle Check App: Key Features

Easy-to-use Mobile App

Drivers can perform walkaround vehicle inspections and submit paperless checklists from their fingertips, making their vehicle check a lot easier.

Predefined Defects List

Save time by simply selecting the type of defect and adding photos or notes to help explain any issues with the vehicle. The vehicle check app provides an extensive list of vehicle defects you should be looking for when conducting a vehicle check. Ultimately, this allows you to minimise paperwork and create a safer work environment.

Clear Vehicle Dashboard

See the status of your vehicle. including roadworthiness, number of defects and past checklists with the vehicle check app. Drivers can retrieve recent checklists easily when a roadside inspection takes place. This dashboard provides a clear overview for the drivers to increase work efficiency.

Seamless Maintenance

Access vehicle checklist reports and keep track of open defects. Create a maintenance task with just a click to resolve defects in time for safer operating conditions. To identify defects Webfleet Solutions has a tool for scheduling regular vehicle maintenance checks. It is important to schedule maintenance checks to create a safer environment for drivers and their vehicles.

Instant Notifications

Get notified when an unroadworthy vehicle goes on the road or when a driver starts a trip without submitting the vehicle checklist on the vehicle check app. The notifications can help drivers get a good overview of the situation on the road and also of their colleagues.

Checklists Management

Use predefined checklist templates or easily manage and configure them according to your needs, for better compliance with safety regulations.

All-in-one User Experience with the Vehicle Check App

WEBFLEET Vehicle Check is fully integrated into WEBFLEET, providing real-time control in one interface. You can create maintenance tasks directly in WEBFLEET based on checklist defects. It is also very important to frequently service a vehicle to reduce the likelihood of defects occurring. Read more about the service interval.