Cutting Edge Planning, Digitise Delivery Execution & Automate Invoicing

Eurora Group’s Cyrus TMS platform incorporates 3 methods of intuitive planning tools. Whether it is whiteboard planning, the use of maps or perhaps spreadsheets. Eurora Group can digitise any method of planning to give you industry leading tools that will make planning easier, quicker and far more pro-active.

Once you have effectively planned and resourced your work, Cyrus ePOD and Cyrus Gateway take over and allow your drivers to use intuitive applications to capture data, signatures and 3rd party paperwork to improve delivery experience and simplify the work for the driver. This rapid data capture allows information to be returned to the Cyrus TMS platform to be checked and invoiced.

Whilst out for delivery, the powerful integration between Cyrus TMS and Webfleet allows for knock on, dynamic manifest ETA’s to be displayed when using Webfleet’s professional navigation device. This data is brought back into the platform whilst pro-actively coaching drivers in the field, significantly improving their fuel.

Allow your customers a self-service track and trace customer portal with Cyrus Gateway. The Gateway allows your customer to enter jobs via a white labelled portal so you do not have to! Once the jobs have been resourced, we can provide modern email or text notifications to your clients with links to the Gateway track and trace page for added visual client experience. Cyrus Gateway reduces administration time, automates customer service and can even support you in winning new business.

Once the job is completed with the digital proof of delivery, it is ready to be invoiced. By obtaining data quickly back into Cyrus TMS via Cyrus ePOD, customer queries are reduced and answered in less time. By obtaining the electronic POD in real-time on the PRO 8475, this significantly reduces the time spent waiting to invoice your customer drastically improving cashflow.

Eurora Group’s integration with Webfleet allows for automatic geofence creation. This integration automates the creation of a geofence through Webfleet and can allow you to automatically email your traffic office or even your customer when your vehicle is stuck on site. This can heighten your service to customers by providing vital communication. This could also be the solution to capture the lost revenue you have not been able to invoice previously.


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