The technology that’s available to manage vehicles is developing fast. Some terms have become much more common such as:

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How good is your plan to use connected telematics to improve your competitiveness?

Can you create the exponential growth within your company that your competitors are striving for? Imagine you lived in a world where all of your “tech” talked to each other and you could do the following:

  • Schedule your workload
  • Optimise the sequence for your vehicles
  • Dispatch jobs/orders directly to the vehicles
  • Message your drivers
  • Get ETA’s for each destination
  • Capture footage with integrated cameras
  • Use apps for pre-start daily checks, digital forms and/or signature capture
  • Download Tachograph data (HGV’s)
  • Review vehicle performance as it happens

The 6 best ways to connect your fleet

Send Orders

Use the WEBFLEET platform to send an order directly to the driver terminal in the vehicle. By using this technology you can send a driver to the exact delivery location at the time and date you require. The driver can also avoid traffic using TomTom Live Traffic data.

Schedule & Send Multiple Orders/Jobs

Using our job scheduling tool you can receive orders and create them as jobs as soon as you receive them. Simply post them on the schedule for the date and time required. When the date in question arrives, you can send multiple orders to all the relevant vehicles to save significant administration time.

Receive ETA’s

When the driver accepts a job on the driver terminal you can immediately see an ETA on WEBFLEET. This will also take into account the dynamic traffic reported by TomTom.

Communicate with Drivers

A messaging platform is available where you can message drivers. By simply clicking on the “message” section of WEBFLEET you can free type any messages and the drivers can respond.

Optimise the Route

Order Optimisation within WEBFLEET allows you to plan a schedule based on the orders allocated to that particular vehicle. By selecting a start time and location the platform will then show you the optimisation potential if you optimised the route. This can often make the route more efficient or allow some extra work to be done that day.

Create Regular Scheduled Routes

For companies that complete regular routes, or have relief drivers, then a route can be created within WEBFLEET. This means drivers don’t have to guess any destinations as the orders that make up the route can be sent with one click of a button to the vehicles. These routes can be optimised first and stored on WEBFLEET for when they are required.

Speak to us at Vtec Solutions to see how we might help you with a fully integrated telematics solution.